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Steve Drake
Blurbero desde noviembre de 2007
Nombre Steve Drake
Ubicación Sherwood, Oregon
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Consultant
Mi biografía Born, I live, I take pictures. Work is just a pastime until I can get my camera and be back out in the field. I have a wonderful wife, two grown kids (when did THAT happen?) and a Scottish Terrier who thinks he rules the roost. Go Ducks!
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Next: Images from Italy. This will be a photo tour of Italy, people, places, things.
Then: A photo profile of Sherwood, Oregon, where I live. People like to see where they live, because most don't really explore their place of residence; they do more on vacations than they do about town.
Then: The Civil War, the Modern Fighting - a collection of photos from various reenactments I've either been in or to over the last seven years. The book will show the battles & camp life not always seen
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Ken Wolfe, photography from the edge - great photos
I won't impose my tastes on anyone regarding writing; I have an eclectic library, though heavily weighted toward history, but economics, architecture and biographies are good reads for me.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
I get hooked on a series, but again, probably not to everyones liking. Although, I do find most of Tom Peters books on managment compelling; of course, I am a consultant, so that's probably not a really good recommendation....