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Bob Beach
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2011
Nombre Bob Beach
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Ubicación Maumee, Ohio
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Writer
Mi biografía An award-winning designer, advertising copywriter, film director, marketing consultant and painter, Bob has recently launched a new career in fiction. In the works are a short story collection and a novel in the psychological suspense genre, while the children's book, The Girl Who Could Speak with Cats, is his first publication in print. He holds B.Sc. and MFA degrees from Bowling Green State University.

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The Lucid Dreamer. Nick Ikaros is a rising star in the New York art world whose flow of creative ideas has mysteriously stopped. Under financial pressure and fearful of losing not only his art career but his wife and young son, Nick uses hypnosis and lucid dreaming to enter his dreamstate and confront his "subconscious personality," hoping to restore the creative flow. However, there are many dangerous things from his past in his subconscious, only the first of which is his alter ego.
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