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Rosemary Pattison
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Mi biografía Rosemary Pattison’s stories draw on her extensive experience as an educator to both children and adults over 30 years.

Her diverse background comprises pre-school, primary, secondary (maths and music) and TAFE. In her 19 years in the TAFE Sector her experience includes IT and business with much time spent working in industry. She currently works in learning and development and workplace English language and literacy (WELL).

Born in Camberwell Melbourne, she is the daughter of a well known Australian scientist and her mother was a music and art teacher, Though she would describe herself as having a privileged life, some experiences have contributed to her own little epiphanies. As a single mother, Rosemary’s approach to parenthood was to foster resilience and instill a social conscience in her two daughters by raising the questions to lead them to their own little epiphanies.

Rosemary’s credentials include Bachelor of Education Arts (Melbourne State College), Graduate Diploma in Comp

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In each of my books I attempt to alert young readers to a current issue so that they may have an epiphany about the way in which they live.
As a result of their epiphany they might find an opportunity to reflect and improve the way they live on our wonderful planet.

My stories do not attempt to provide a solution but rather to stimulate thought.
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My illustrator is Jenny Wood
I knew of Jen’s work in my previous workplace and thought she was awesome (but also highly skilled in IT and project management ☺). After seeing her artwork on her Facebook page, I wrote to her to ask whether she would illustrate my story. Since then, I have been gob-smacked on a daily basis by her skills. From the gorgeous and quirky illustrations to the animations and the whole management of the project.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
“George goes to see the Prime Minister” is my first children’s book in a series called the Little Epiphanies Series.