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Robert Thomas
Blurbero desde agosto de 2010
Nombre Robert Thomas
Ubicación South Wales, UK.
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Prospective Writer.
Mi biografía Widowed in 2008, I'm a man of 43 who has experienced more than his fair share of light & darkness in his life. I found writing to be enjoyable & cathartic, and it gave me back a little reason & purpose. It also gave me hope that maybe life could be worth living again, and with a wonderful new partner in my life, who gave birth to our beautiful little daughter in April 2012, life seems much more wonderful now! I hope you will try my books and find a tale in them that amuses, scares, touches, entertains or even arouses you! Thank you and bless you for giving me a moment of your time. Enjoy my stories, and please tell all of your friends !!!! Best Wishes, Rob Thomas.

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Robert Thomas.
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The Adventures of Mama Pubert.
Rise of the TinyBitch.
Attack of the Stomach-Cramps.

THE "LIFE LESSONS" SERIES - 10 volumes. (Morality tales for children)