Ricardo Olvera

Reno, NV
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Ricardo Olvera is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from Mexico City.
His body of work, "The Bone Tarot", a series of twenty-two assemblage pieces, was exhibited in 2011 at the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery in Reno, Nevada. In addition, a book of The Bone Tarot was published in 2012. In 2010 his collaborative assemblage work "Making Our Bones", was exhibited in the Bennington Arts Guild in Bennington, Vermont. In 2009 he published "Beast & Babalon, Love songs from hell a pictorial journey" a selection of digital works and poetry translated to English language and "To Mega Therion, the dark art of Ricardo Olvera" selected digital photo-manipulation works from 2008 - 2009. His poetry has been featured in several anthologies, among them "Palabras sin Piel" 2007 and "Inombrable Fantasía" 2008 from Editorial Shamra. His early writings in Spanish from 2006 to 2008 can be found online on his website. He currently resides in Reno, Nevada with his wife Andrea Juillerat - Olvera

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