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M. Ryan Gentry
Blurbero desde octubre de 2006
Nombre M. Ryan Gentry
Ubicación Texas, USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi biografía The visual arts have always fasinated me, and as long as I can remember I have enjoyed takeing pictures. However, it wasn't until I decided to get a SLR when I was in college that it became such a prominate part of my life. I took a year of photography while I was in school, and got a pretty good grip on things. I recently switched to a DSLR and expect to have more freedom to shoot without worry of running out of film or the cost of processing. It has been about seven years of really taking photography seriously, and I will probably continue as long as I can click the shutter.

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I have started compiling portraits for a collection Volume II, and I have a couple of trips coming up in the near future that may yeild some interesting photos. I have just made the switch from a 35 mm SLR to a DSLR, so hopefully this will allow me to work with less restraint.
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I try to make my own work my own, but some artist that I like and who help me gain inspiration are Ansel Adams (of course), Art Wolfe, and David Muench.