Rezaul Haque

Boston, MA, USA
Acerca de

Rezaul Haque is a self-taught photographer who grew up in the chaos of post-independence Bangladesh. He introduced himself to the wonders of art early on, and what began as a childish curiosity emerged as a lifelong passion.

In the 1990s, Haque became serious about photography. He is generally known for the way in which he captures and processes the world around him using HDR photography.

Haque’s work has been exhibited internationally. When he is not photographing Boston (where he now lives), he is taking photographs on his travels. His book 'Wish You Were Here,' a personal exploration of Dubai, Bangkok and Dhaka was published in 2012. He loves to travel and is constantly seeking creative and new ways of seeing. He believes learning is a continual process and one that he hopes will never end.