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Acerca de mi empresa The truth is that chronological age simply doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel, which is determined by the lifestyle you lead, the food you eat and your level of activity. With this in mind, I have designed a tri-level exercise program for adults over 55 targeting individuals at every level of physical fitness, according to ability, whether or not they have participated in a regular exercise program.Health is a natural resource, and we should make every effort to preserve it. What happens to our bodies as we move through life is the result of our habits,the bits and pieces of the way we live. We become what we have done.My program has helped adults 55+ maintain and improve their quality of life through my specially designed fitness programs. I provide assistance and support through health information and services to encourage seniors to create visions and goals is all aspects of their lives, challenging them to lead a healthy life and make a difference in society.
Áreas de especialización IT'S NEVER TOO LATE® exercise program targets individuals at every level of physical fitness. Early in my career I studied at the Martha Graham Studio & the New Dance Group Studio in NYC. Realizing that there was need for a fitness program for adults I used my knowledge & my 25+ years of teaching experience to develop a comprehensive program aimed at senior fitness..Regardless of age or physical condition, there is a program suited to your capabilities.
Afiliaciones profesionales René is credentialed Adaptive Physical Education teacher for Adult Education. She has studied Exercise Physiology at California State University, Fullerton.A Nationally Certfied Trainer for the Arthritis Foundation. Adjunct Faculty at Irvine Valley College in the Emeritus Program for adults. Adjunct Faculty at the Huntington Beach Adult School. A Fifty-Plus Lifelong Fitness Ambassador.Health Care Advocate for the Council on Aging. Volunteer at the Assistance League of Huntington Beach.

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Dr. Shahla says: "This is a brillant and useful book. This book is about overcoming challenges in our lives with positive thinking.René has very precisely put together her research and tips to make you "Fabulously Fit As You Age". I personally find this book helpful and convincing. As a physician I totally agree with René's tips and theories to overcome any hindrance in your life by setting goals, eating right and staying fit. Read It! Trust Me! It will help you become a healthier & better you."