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Rebecca Reeb
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2008
Nombre Rebecca Reeb
Ubicación San Diego, CA, USA
Sexo Femenino

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Phil Nussbaum is the author of Lady Mustang. Phil has been restoring and flying vintage aircraft for some 45 years. He specializes in the Staggerwing, and probably has more hours in that craft than anyone in the world. In Lady Mustang, Phil's debut novel, he turns his attention to the iconic Mustang.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
Lady Mustang will captivate aviation enthusiasts as well as those who love any good action/drama. The book unwraps not only the mystery of the Mustang, but the lives of those who lovingly bring one such aircraft back to life and into the action.