Roberto Carnevali

Modena, Italy
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Roberto Carnevali was born in Modena (Italy) in 1968, where he still lives and works. Self-taught, he learns from his mother the aspect more creative and instinctive of photography and from his father a more technical and reflective approach to the picture.

Photography becomes a necessity, like food and air. Photographer for passion, he explores the world of the image in all its eclectic shapes. He has a strong taste for the black and white, through which he creates his own visions and fascinations.

He loves to tell stories that he has at heart, preparing photographic paths that lead the viewer to a direct link to emotions and sensations.

Roberto is a promoter of the culture of photography: he arranges and personally takes care of photography classes, thematic tutorials and themed gatherings. He collaborates with the editorial staff of many important magazines of photography. His photos are the subject of many publications, exhibitions and projections.

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