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Owen Lennox
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Nombre Owen Lennox
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Ubicación Braintree, Essex
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Mi ocupación Artist, author, teacher.
Mi biografía Owen Lennox was born in Sunderland in 1950. He studied Painting/Drawing and History of Art at Sheffield before training as an Art Teacher. After being Head of Art in several London schools, he has now established himself as a painter specialising in portraits. Owen has successfully completed several commissions notably those of; The Earl and Countess of Wessex, politicians including Baroness Thatcher, the 38th President of the USA Gerald Ford and a number of sports personalities like Sir Steven Redgrave and Sir Henry Cooper. ‘The Picture of Joe Roc,’ is Owen’s first novel published by J.P. Grinion ISBN 9780955613708 and with it he brings his knowledge of painting, history and a deep affection for his home town. Get your copy of this ground breaking noivel by contacting the author at the above website. 'The Art of Owen Lennox' is the first book published detailing Owen's painting, written by Pam Jackson, this book a must for any budding portraitist.

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My next book will be in a similar format, probably by the same author Pamela Jackson and looking at the landscapes of Owen Lennox. I am also a figure painter so you can look forward to a whole series of books about Owen's paintings. I have a couple of ideas of future novels of my own. The Legacy of Lighthouse Larry, abook revolving around writting a book about L.S.Lowry, Cricket for Italians which will look at expanding on a short story of the same title, I might publish the short story here
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I recommend the two books that really got me hooked as a child, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham. The one book I've read more than twice as an adult is The Razors Edge by Sommerset Maugham. Artists there are too many suffice to say, conceptual and abstract art are a cul-de-sac they lead nowhere, there's nothing in there apart from what you invent yourself. Look at the works of Lord Leighton and Tracy Emin side by side you decide. Owen Lennox
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The Picture of Joe Roc by Owen Lennox. I wrote this book so as it would be an easy read, a page turner. But I also intended it to stand up as thought provoking piece of literature. Essentially it is a family saga that covers the period 1895- 1920 family ties and confict are reflected in the dramatic events of 1914-1918. The back drop is the struggle of the artists of that period and the working class. Joe Roc a French baker rubs along with the artists of the age oblivious to who they are.