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Paul Yeenie Harry
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Nombre Paul Yeenie Harry
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Mi biografía My name is Paul Yeenie Harry; however, most of my friends, colleagues, associates, students and admirers called me PYH.

I am an African from the West African state of Liberia. I currently reside in Europe. My person is in Europe, but my mind and soul is in Africa.

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a book in which I not only identify some pertinent issues of the Liberian discourse, but also present my thoughts, comments and analyses on them; whether it's on free speech, the struggle of the Liberian people, the civil war, war crimes trial, post-war education, corruption, elections or Liberia's future. I also suggest ways to deal with these issues in making Liberia better today than what it was yesterday, and making it better tomorrow than what it is today. There'll be about 15 photos.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
An Interview with Mama Liberia