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Loretta Livingstone
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2011
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Sexo Femenino
Mi biografía IMPORTANT. If you are purchasing the Kindle format please bear in mind, that if your Kindle is only able to do black and white it would probably be best for you to download the monochrome format of JUMPING in the PUDDLES of LIFE. If you will be reading it on your iPad, or your Kindle has colour then for the best visual experience please ensure you download the full colour edition. They show up as two separate books so please take care to choose the right one for you.
Obviously I would love it if you buy my books, but if you can't afford them then please feel free to read the previews anyway. I hope they bless you. If they do, please join my blog on Facebook and also please tell all your friends. Thank you.

Please note the Author portrait is provided by Nicky Sharp from Inspirational Photography

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