Benjamin Knoot

San Carlos, CA, USA
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Benjamin Knoot was born in Santa Clara, California in 1996.  In early 2004, while growing up in San Carlos, California, Benjamin became interested in bird watching. He showed an unquenchable desire to learn about the many varieties of birds in North America, studying from different field guides and spending countless hours among nature preserves.

Ben's first choice of camera gear includes a Canon 5D with 400mm f/5.6. His continued passions for both birding and photography have been complimented by professionals around the world. He posts his shots regularly on and for peer review.

Ben's main focus is avian photography. He is also known to capture the beauty in landscape scenery and asked to photograph sporting events. He is a familiar sight to neighbors and friends as he wanders about, camera in hand, taking pictures of unsuspecting local species.

Benjamin has captured the images of birds from as far away as Curacao and Bonaire, Neth. Ant.

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