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A Different View
Blurbero desde marzo de 2009
Nombre de la empresa A Different View
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Ubicación Belgium
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Acerca de mi empresa Pierre Volpe was born in Belgium in February 1959. For many years he was a science teacher at a college in Antwerp.
Originally he was a nature photographer, started at the age of 16, who got burned out on the describing way of nature photography. During his search for a different way of photography he started to study art photography at an academy for fine arts and discovered new ways to walk.
He also started with model photography and specialized in fine art nude photography. His fascination for the play of light and shadow and for lines and shapes is determining his view on nude photography and on nature photogrphy.
Because of these new insights and these new fascinations he also developed a different view in nature photography: away from the description but rather more with a feeling for the light, the forms and the atmosphere of the moment.
He became a professional photographer in 2008 but makes no compromises on his different view!
Áreas de especialización Nature photography with a different view
Fine art nude photography
Model photography
Studio photography
Photography workshops
Artistic food photography

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