Pete Millson

Dorset, UK
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I’m a photographer. I’ve spent most of the time since 1993 finding out what on earth a photographer is, what he’s for and why I am one.

For me it remains a nice quick method of recording what I love about us. I believe people are good and this drives the decisions I make when photographing. I see my work as being in the tradition of documentary photography with a small camera from the 1950s to about the 1970s. Loads of great work outside these dates of course but that’s where I’m coming from and what I see my work as a descendent of.

I’ve worked as a freelance contributor for NME, the Guardian, the Independent, the Times amongs countless other publications.

In 2009 the National Portrait Gallery in London acquired six of my portraits for their permanent collection. I hate ‘bigging myself up’ but have been pestered into it and so there you are.

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