Peter donnelly

Limerick, Ireland
Acerca de

Hi, I’m Peter from Limerick Ireland. I’ve been playing music and drawing for as long as I can remember. I have now finished my new Children's book, called "Grandad and the Grumbles". It is a poem I wrote and illustrated, I hope that this will help to bring back the idea of reading again to small children. I think there is nothing nicer then reading out loud in funny voices while the child points to the pictures and finds more and more interesting things hidden. My first book was a collection of works, titled
“Conversations under an Umbrella” there are 49 drawings included. I have published it in two formats, in book format, for those of you who like the feel of a book, but it’s also available for quick downloading, as an ebook.

Please check out:http://lanahronestudio.tumblr.com/