Patrick Shay Beard

Jackson, Tennessee, USA
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Growing up in a small Mississippi town Patrick dreamed of being a missionary to some exotic far away place. Through a series of disappointments, illness, and heartbreak he was compelled to follow a narrow path that led to the founding of a non-profit organization called Indigenous Outreach International. IOI was established to provide support for local leadership in their efforts to minister to their own people.

A moving story teller, public speaker, and southern author Beard has written of his missionary endeavors, his love of international culinary arts, and advice for ministers.

Today Beard lives in Jackson, Tennessee where he serves as the director of IOI and volunteers as a chaplain.

Beard has published four books as of this writing. The Bishop's Beard International Cookbook (1996); Slowly by Slowly, a journey with Christ, the birth of a ministry (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014); Beautiful the Feet (2009); and Ancient Words, Ministry to the Sick (2016).

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