pat severin

Appleton, WI
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I am a long-time writer and poet beginning as early as the third grade. My first "published" poem appeared in the school newspaper and was entitled Worry Wort! I created a blog two years ago called Poetically Speaking. This became the vehicle for sharing my poetry. However, when I was introduced to the software, making books became a passion with me. I first book I wrote was for my daughter and her husband which covered the first two years in the lives of their twins called, A Grandma's Memories. Soon to follow was a book of my late sister's poetry called, A Lifetime of Poetry published in May of 2010 followed by a book of my own poems called, What's in a Rhyme? This was followed by Words of Witness comprised of religious poems. It is now 3 years later and I am proud to add An Age Old Story to my list of published books. This is available for purchase or as a download. My hope is that there will be many more books to come.

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