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Gerry van Roosmalen
Blurbero desde junio de 2008
Nombre Gerry van Roosmalen
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Sint Oedenrode, The Netherlands
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Photographer
Mi biografía Being a photographer is more then just a job. It's a passion. With my pictures I hope to touch people. My career as a photographer began 25 years ago when I had my first camera. In those days it was more a hobby. In 2000 I had to make a career switch. It was then when I decided that photography was going to be my next career. I visited a collega to be a professionall photographer. In 2004 I ended my study and was allowed to call myself a professional photographer, specialized in portret en reporting photography. In 2006 we started a group of documentary photographers. The main goal of this group was to inspire and support each other with our projects. My first project was about Greenland.
This book was a turning point in my career. It made me realise what was realy important to me. Not only touching people with my images, but also sharing a story.

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My next book is going to be about Iceland!