Olav Folland

Sacramento, CA
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Olav Folland was born in 1972 in Tennessee. The son of a career Navy man, Olav moved around quite a bit as a child, spending a memorable and formative time in the Philippines, where his parents bought him a “real camera” - a Yashica FX-3 - and fostered his interest in photography. After dabbling in photography from time to time, he finally found himself irrevocably immersed in it about five years ago. While his primary interest is shooting people – preferably in a way that tells a story or is emotionally evocative – he has also traveled all over California capturing a wide variety of natural beauty.

Olav has finally more or less settled in Sacramento, as best a Viking can, where he works by day in the electronics field to support his photography habit. The rest of his time he can be found taking portraits, arguing with computers, cooking, or working on various photo-art projects. Some of his recipes and food photos can be found at, and the larger body of his photogr

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