Oleg Moiseyenko

Princeton, NJ, USA
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Born in Russia, in 1968, Oleg Moiseyenko’s earliest photographic experience came from observing the magnificent scenery of high-mountain worlds while traveling with his parents, geologists. Spending all his spare time taking pictures of the world around, Oleg classifies his interests in photography as an obsession.

Oleg enjoys studying the history of 20th century Russian & Soviet photography and admires works of Prokudin-Gorskii, Karl Bulla, Alexander Rodchenko, Evgeny Khaldei, Victor Ahlomov, Valery Gende-Rote & other famous photographers of his country. He also feels a connection with and studies the works of the “greats” - Henry Cartier-Bresson, Bradford Washburn, Ansel Adams, Eugene Smith & Robert Capa.

Oleg is an active member of several photographic societies: the Princeton (NJ) photo club & the ASMP. His works have been exhibited at the Trenton City Museum, NJ and others juried shows and contests.

Presently, Oleg resides with his family in Princeton, New Jersey (USA).

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