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Nini de la Vega
Blurbero desde agosto de 2009
Nombre Nini de la Vega
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Ubicación California, USA
Mi ocupación Artist/Innovator
Mi biografía Artist/Innovator Nini de la Vega~

Available for now :
1) Memoir Plus 2012 and
2) The Memoir with paper upgrade cost a little more has less pages and now less typos :)

Helping in promoting the reunion book for CHS Alumni

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Art On Call (AOC) was created in 2003. The creation of a contact based website for artisans in all trades is proving to be a successful one. "It's the new show and tell."
Artists are generally multi-talented usually focusing on what they do best. It is AOC's desire to empasize that artists do use their right and left brain. How can it not be? Terms such as "your just an artist" when centering our thoughts to perform is sometimes, a chuckle away to the bank. So Artists be proud of yourself!