Nghi Nguyen

Maryland, USA
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I was born in Can Tho, Vietnam, in December of 1983. I moved to the United States in the 1990 with my family. From an early age, writing was never part of my hobbies. When I started to pick up the books, they become a part of my life ever since. I started writing at around the age of 12. I have written short stories, screenplays, poetry, and non-fiction, among others.

I graduated from high school in the summer of 2001 and entered college during a period which I would call chaotic. I say this because my freshman year in college started around the 30th of August, and of course, you all know what happened 12 days later. September 11 happened. I would go on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and at the moment, trying to complete my Masters degree.

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