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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Abandoned Iowa?
--An ongoing urban exploration project to document the forgotten, vacant, uninhabited,, and condemned buildings of Iowa.
--The ethos of Abandoned Iowa is rooted in the photographical representation of a semi-derranged sense of adventure.
--The project did not begin out of nobility; I do not mean to be a voice of historical relevancy nor an advocate for preservation.

Why abandoned buildings?
--Exploring and researching abandoned homes, schools, churches, and hospitals is one way to examine and understand the complicated relationship humans have with nature. Buildings are the mark left by humanity- what happens after they remain vacant and unattended is subject to natural processes.

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Featured in:
-Iowa Public Radio, Talk of Iowa, 9/23/16
-Iowa Graph Magazine (January 2014)
-Little Village Magazine (March 2014)
-The Des Moines Register (September 2014)
-Juice (September 2014)

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