Mary Nadeau

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I have been an artist my whole life, starting at a very young age I loved to draw princesses on the wall going down the stairs to the basement. My mother informed me that drawing on the walls did not work for her and kept me in fresh supply of paper. I have always been drawn to the creation of characters and giving them a story to tell. I love illustration, storyboards, cartooning and lastly 3-D model fabrication.
The most rewarding part of my work is when you capture the interest and delight of your viewer. A picture can invoke so many things, a setting, the mood, the emotions, an action, all of which can be relayed to the viewer in a glance.
I love to work with other artists that enrich children's lives such as Mr. Greg from who entertains and delights children everyday with his music and videos. Also, Joseph Nadeau from, who has used my art in websites and music videos for children, making them cute and fun.

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