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Michael Vires
Blurbero desde diciembre de 2007
Nombre Michael Vires
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Ubicación Port Charlotte, Florida, Charlotte County
Sexo Masculino
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Mi biografía I was born in 1947, in Lexington, Kentucky. I have been making pictures with pencil, paint, and anything I could get my hands on, for as long as I can remember.
My drawings as a six year old really looked no different than any child of that age. However, I continued drawing due to encouragement from my family. By the time I was in High School I was painting murals for the Board of Education in my hometown. I had my first one person show when I was 16.
About the time I was 19 or so I decided I really needed to learn the craft of picture making. I'm still learning that craft. But over the years I learned a lot and have had many commissions, been wrote about, and won awards. Now at 60 I am discovering all that I have learned has brought me to the point finally where I am learning the things I truly always wondered about in the business of picture making. Now I just have to practice these things for the rest of my life.

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I have too many ideas about novels and also books that showcase my art. I do really enjoy instructing art and watching students work evolve. As an artist I think it is part of my job to share what I have learned. So, there may be a book in me that explains my plein air methods with demos and art gallery. Not all that original of an idea, but I know from my own experience, I have learned much from many different artists. We all have something to share with the world.
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I'm afraid I dont read much in the way of novels. I am more of a visual person, which is ironic if you've seen my book...there are no pictures in it. My reading time is devoted to finding out how to better my skills at painting and drawing. But I did find this little book by Denman Waldo Ross - A Theory of Tone Relations/An Instrument of Expression. The book opened up a whole new world for me about how there are so many ways the palette(color) can be thought about and put to use.
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I do love a good historical fiction mainly set in the old West. And my favorite author is Larry McMurtry. I get lost in his characters and the events in their lives. Although they are bigger than life and the things that happen to them can on the surface seem like tall tales, yet McMurtry makes it all seem logical and believable. That's a great combination for keeping a reader sitting on the edge of their chair. My favorite is Lonesome Dove and I have to admit, I have read it four times.