Marc Shandro

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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The pursuit of photography is an engaging and enriching endeavor. There is a lot to learn, however from the beginning of this pursuit, I’ve reminded myself to follow my heart and instinct more than what I read and learn from others. I enjoy the process of self-discovery. My primary objective in all of this is to discover places that fill me with wonder. Sometimes it requires hiking an hour or two before dawn to see the sun rise in a magical spot. Getting the photograph is important too, but somewhat secondary to to just enjoying where I am. My thinking is that if I focus too much on “getting the shot”, I miss the experience – it’s a delicate balance.

I want my portfolio to reveal the many faces of the wilderness and to trigger some positive feeling by conveying enduring and sometimes fleeting beauty, wonder and magic in the world. When you look at one of my photographs, I’d also like to convey a sense of appreciation that these places exist in the world and are worth honoring.

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