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Dorothy Moore
Blurbero desde abril de 2010
Nombre Dorothy Moore
Ubicación Surrey, England
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Slumming it while I find a proper job
Mi biografía I'm just a scribbler with a bit of a passion for travel anywhere, anytime. I write about my own personal view and I am aware that others may have a different one - in fact it's highly likely. There are errors in the book. Please don't point them out. I'll continue to scribble and make new mistakes in the next one. Thank you for your interest.

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Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
Messing about on a river - the Canal due Midi, France - and jolly sailors
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
Funny word 'addictive'. It may not quite apply to this book but since it was the first one I actually penned I have a certain fondness for it.