Teresa Riggle

Orion, Illinois, USA
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I'm 45 years old and having a change of life at the moment. I've been a licenced PTA for 12 years and was injured at work on New Year's Eve 2010. However, this injury has been a blessing. You see, it has enabled me to be able to devote time to helping my family through some big health issues over the past few months. And, it's allowed me to travel to various places in which I've been truly blessed to be able to capture some of the most amazing pictures of nature, people and places! In addition to this I've been able to volunteer for local clubs, such as the Orion Lions Club, Main Street Orion, TEC and Angel Food Ministries.

Prior to my injury, I was pursuing photography on the "side". Upon purchasing my third camera, my husband informed me I needed to make my expensive hobby "pay for itself." So, it's been 2-3 years now that I've been pursuing still-life, portraits, groups and weddings in an effort to make this hobby a profitable venture. LOVING IT! Enough about me - God Bless

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