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Life is Precious. Preserve It.
Inspired by LIFE, award-winning photographer Millicent Harvey inspires others through her keen eyes and compassionate lens---encompassing a variety of subjects. From glorious natural landscapes dancing with shadows and light to showcasing the best in form and function of fine landscape design, Ms. Harvey also finds great joy in photographing the human form in various stages of life. Her nationally recognized Perspectives on Lives Well-Lived: Story Portraits of Elders reflects her rare ability to seamlessly merge emotional, spiritual, and physical components into images of great beauty.

“There is a vulnerable beauty in ALL subjects,” says Harvey, whose endless curiosity leads her to bring out the livable beauty of interior and exterior landscapes while also revealing subtle nuance and intention in fine design and architecture.

Áreas de especialización

Photography; Portrait photography; landscape architecture photography; Story Portraits of Elders, fine art photography, landscape photography, envirionmental portraiture.