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Blurbero desde noviembre de 2013
Nombre de la empresa Milagro
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Ubicación Portland, Oregon
Número de teléfono de la empresa 503-236-7253
Acerca de mi empresa Milagro's mission is to provide extraordinary Latino theatre, culture and arts education experiences for the enrichment of all communities. Its vision: a community-centered Latino arts epicenter inspiring a new generation of art, artists and patrons from around the world. For nearly 30 years it has been the center of Latino theatre, arts and culture for the Pacific Northwest, creating authentic and accessible arts experiences for and about the diverse Latino community. Recognizing that the Latino experience is diverse and evolving, Milagro seeks to present the freshest currents in Latino arts and culture and actively seeks to work with artists who bring to the work an enthusiasm for risk, shared learning and collaborative creation. Among Milagro’s most significant contributions to the field is the creation of work that transcends its culture to attain universal relevance.
Áreas de especialización Theatre, Latina/o culture, arts education, visual art, music, dance, literary art, non-profit arts organization
Afiliaciones profesionales Theatre Communications Group (TCG)
Portland Area Theatre Alliance
National New Play Network
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber (Portland)
Coalition for Communities of Color
Business for Culture and Arts
Small & Midsized Arts Coalition