Aurelio Monge

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I was born in Jaen, Andalusia (1971) but living today at Miravet (Tarragona).
My first contact with the photography art was when I had 18 years old but it was in 2009, after suffering a near to death experience when I feel a special motivation for photography as a personal art, exploring new ways and horizons more intimate and with my own perspective and sensibility.
I focus my work on the human figure, especially the male body, not only as the study of it, and starting from the ideal representation of the nude classic beauty; sometimes Apollonian, as well as sometimes Dionysian; from the corporeal to the essential and linked with the sense of beauty, as a necessity of my sensible reality, and only reachable through the harmony, balance and proportion.
From my point of view, the nudity art-expression transcends the merely erotic field in order to search the form's domain and the light's strength. It explains why at the same time, I also conceive a desert landscape as an Apollonian nude

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