Amy Goalen Whittam

Los Angeles, CA
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Amy is a Photographer, a Mother, and an Environmentalist. Her photographic talents have a documentary style and often cross over into the realm of Fine Art imagery. She has learned to dance back and forth between creating intimate portraits with people and nature and also documenting beautifully what many of people don’t even notice around them. She tends to not use a lot of lighting or production in her art. Instead she uses the available light and shadows as her paintbrush.

Amy’s talent is not limited to photography alone. She is an accomplished retoucher, web designer, and graphic artist as well.

Today, Amy is continuing to create stunning photography and working as a freelancer in Los Angeles. In 2010 she created a book of portraits of nursing mothers through and a second book of travel imagery she created; also published through Blurb.
Amy currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, George and her Daughter, Ella.

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