Julie Dermody

Oologah, Oklahoma
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I am a mom who has endured the loss of her husband; I have been facing the daily decision making which can be, life changing. I am a mom who has climbed out of the darkness and is making decisions for the future on her own. The climb was a struggle, as every rung on the ladder would have another obstacle to overcome. Grief and despair is a part of human nature when the death of a loved one is experienced. Keeping ones self from falling into the pit of despair is a difficult task, one that cannot be taken alone. When anyone falls into a deep ravine, he or she needs someone to throw him or her a lifeline ~ a virtual rope of hope.
The hope for me was relying on God and knowing his love for me could surpass the deepest sorrows in my heart. I have the promise from God he will supply for my every need. For the last nine years, God has blessed me beyond anything I could have imagined. My wildest dreams never took me to the reality of what I am living today.

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