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MEGANZ School of Visual Arts
Blurbero desde enero de 2009
Nombre de la empresa MEGANZ School of Visual Arts
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Ubicación Auckland, New Zealand
Número de teléfono de la empresa 09 5372292
Acerca de mi empresa MEGANZ School of Visual Arts provides art tuition to students aged between 10 to Adults. The school is based in Auckland New Zealand Owner and tutor of the school is Megan Murphy .
Students can focus on learning to draw in traditional and contemporary styles, cartooning, painting, sculpture and mixed media. We begin the year with a class focus, referencing other National and International artists, while experiencing different techniques and materials. Towards the end of the year students are encouraged to find their own artist references, materials and techniques and direction they wish to explore.
Áreas de especialización Drawing - traditional and contemporary, Illustration, Cartooning, Painting, Sculpture using clay and mixed media.

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I like to produce one book a year of the art students work from my school - MEGANZ School of Visual Arts. 2011 I produced the successful wee book - Don't eat me! The 2012 book will be one to watch out for, coming soon called 'Windows by Day and by night.'
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The artists represented in the 2011, Don't eat me! book are between the age of nine and sixteen. This book is great for art teachers for ideas and for artists alike. The students worked on character development and looking at negative space and applying a photographic element to their drawings. They produced some really neat work.
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Don't eat me! is a book of students drawings from MEGANZ School of Visual Arts, which will inspire continued exploration. The students had great fun creating characters from their imaginations and from what they have seen and adding images of themselves into the mix. A great wee book to add to your art book collection or school library.