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Matt Candler
Blurbero desde enero de 2011
Nombre Matt Candler
Mi sitio web
Ubicación New Orleans
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Founder, 4.0 Schools
Mi biografía I've been a teacher, a principal, a pumpkin salesman, a photographer, a translator, and a coach. I've been crazy lucky to work at amazing places: Casady School in OKC, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, American Renaissance Charter School in NC, KIPP Foundation, The NYC Center for Charter School Excellence, and New Schools for New Orleans.

I founded 4.0 Schools in 2010 with a few colleagues. We weren't totally sure what we were doing, but we knew we needed to build a place where it was ok to admit you didn't have all the answers to how school should work. Since then, 4.0's evolved every year. For now, we help people move through the following process: 1. Explore hunches about the future of education, 2. define acute problems in education, 3. test solutions quickly and cheaply, and 4. launch new solutions that solve real problems humans have.