Maureen Electa Monte

Berkley, MI
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In 1992, I moved to Paris to help a software company improve the usability of their CAD/CAM package. I left an engineer; I returned a photographer. I spent weekend after weekend, wandering around Paris with my used Nikon and Ilford black and white film. A few years later, I launched my own photography business.

I shoot gardens, cityscapes, and classic cars, but I am most known for my photographs of people. I love shooting people in movement - the energy of a dancer, or the quick, fearless strike of a martial artist. For me, it's capturing the face of Joy. I pursue my bliss by shooting people pursuing their bliss.

I also love to combine photos with words, so I find myself automatically creating captions, whether they appear on paper or not.

Now, pushing fifty, I see my life as one long leadership journey, with photography being a significant tool I use to help others understand themselves, and those around them. I hope you enjoy my work.

Maureen Electa Monte

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