REINE Mihtla

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I have attended three schools of art and made art my business. I've photographed Elizabeth Taylor and the Queen of Denmark and witnessed a private mass with Pope John Paul II. I've swum with sharks, stingrays and dolphins. I've played with Balinese Elephants, giraffes and was peed on by a lion. I've photographed the paparazzi from the window of the Imperial Suite at the Ritz as they photographed me. I've crashed bikes, dirt bikes, and cars and caught frogs with coffee cans and hockey sticks. I've engaged in pillow fights and fallen off of bar stools. I won an award from Nikon and PDN in NY and donated a painting to the Dalai Lama Centre for Peace and Education as well as Michael Beckwith at Agape in LA and the City of Vancouver. I've written stories as well as BIG LOVE letters. I've ridden all the rides at 6 Flags Great Adventure in the scorching heat only to pass out in front of an Evian vending machine. I bet on horses and win.

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