Marolan Tilcock

Kirkland, WA, USA
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Marolan Tilcock is the daughter of Helen's son, Dr. Robert R. Stickney. Both Marolan and her dad share a love of writing - and it appears Marolan's daughter, Hannah, has discovered the same passion within herself. (The more the merrier!)

Marolan discovered her interest in writing while working for a weekly newspaper in Bothell, Washington, called "The Northshore Citizen." For 5 years she did everything from delivering papers when the paperboy's were sick, to selling advertising. Her main job was office manager, but the part she loved best was writing a monthly editorial historical column; interviewing brides, writing the police beat, and the obituaries.

Since then, she writes mostly short stories for herself and for friends who have cancer. This biography was begun over four years ago. Ultimately, cancer interceded and delays were inevitable. With great patience and persistence this piece, a true labor of love, is Marolan's gift to her amazing and beautiful Gram.

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