Ina Leijns

California, Alaska and the South Pacific
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Ina developed her sea legs at the tender age of three months making the trans-Pacific crossing to California from her birth place in Melbourne, Australia. Since then she has spent her time on or near the water and worked her first job as a boat crew member at nineteen years old.

An adventurer at heart, she writes a travel blog, Coconut Island Travel, with tales of sailing tropical islands and beyond. She includes experiences revealing a more intimate view of life on the sea and of local cultures.

Her first book, Fish ON! A Collection of Wild Seafood Recipes, shares well-loved recipes created during a summer season aboard an adventure fishing charter in the Misty Fjords of Alaska. Under the influence of her mother's European culinary talents as a food industry native, Ina's cooking style embraces heart-healthy world cuisine, traditional family recipes, and the quest for food that that says, "More!"

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