Melvin Doster

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I was born in Cleveland Ohio, brother to three sisters and son of Arthur and Lorene Doster. The idea of me writing this book came when I realized about twelve years ago, that I could say more if I would just write it down on paper.
You see, at the age of 7, I realized something was wrong because I had trouble saying what I wanted to say in a conversation. Yes, I had a handicap, but don't we all have imperfections somewhere?
Sometimes my thoughts seem to be happening quicker than I could get the words out.
So most of the time, I would watch and meditate on what other people said and did in their everyday lives. I became a Watcher as I gathered information about almost anything.
Anything that interest me, I wanted to know about, but the one thing I wanted to know about the most is who or what created me, and who created the Universe?
Now writing has been my life's journey, and I am enjoying every minute.

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