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Williamsburg, VA
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Jerry McCoy was born in Wolf Lake, Indiana. From an early career in home-building, he operated a country inn for nine years. Except for 15 years in estate management and website design in Williamsburg, Virginia, he has lived much of his life in northern Indiana. In 2013 he relocated to Williamsburg, Virginia and expanded his design business to include fine art photography, operating as Jerry McCoy Photography.

“The wide variety of experiences I've had—joys and sorrows, love of nature, traveling abroad—all of these inform the work I do today as a photographer,” says Jerry. “It’s not all about photographing exotic locations but searching for exotic images of native subjects.”

He has published three photo essay books, Indiana, Sweden and Kauai, all of which are available at the BLURB online store.

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Nature, Landscape and Cultural Photography

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