Lance Wills

North Charleston, South Carolina, USA
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I've spent a lifetime traveling the world's oceans. As a sailor aboard oceanographic research vessels, commercial fishing boats and merchant ships, I've been able to see a side of life virtually unknown to the wider public. My working life has provided me a wealth of images that remain fresh and surprising to those unaware that men and women still earn a living from the sea.

During periods ashore, I earned a BA in International Studies at the University of Washington and a Masters Degree in Journalism at the University of Florida. For two years I worked at the Environmental Protection Agency and the US State Department. I was living the life in downtown DC. But in the end, I returned to the sea. The lure of the sea is powerful. The unconventional lifestyle sailors often lament provides a degree of freedom unknown to the world of office work. Sailing opens the most interesting places in the world to anyone willing to take the chance.

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