Mark Lucock

Sydney, Australia
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Mark Lucock grew up in Suffolk. After graduating from University with a degree in Biology, he obtained his PhD in 1991 and is an elected Fellow of the Society of Biology and a Chartered Biologist. Mark moved from the UK to the New South Wales Central Coast in 2003.

His photographic work features a range of destinations – including the UK, India, SE Asia, Australia, North America and much of Europe, and reflects the broad spectrum of nature and landscapes from around the world.

Mark has many published books: Photography for the Naturalist (GMC Publications, 2002); Professional Landscape and Environmental Photography (GMC Publications, 2003); Succeed in Landscape Photography (RotoVision SA, 2003); Digital Nature and Landscape Photography (PIP, 2007); The Digital Compact Camera - Release Your Compact's Full Potential (Ammonite Press, 2009).The first three books were all from the pre-digital era, but are still, none-the-less, a rich source of inspiration and technical know how.

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