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Leon Reed
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Nombre Leon Reed
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Mi biografía I worked for 30 years as a defense consultant and military historian before taking early retirement and becoming a high school history and ESOL teacher. I started traveling to historic sites with my parents and I've been taking photos of my travels since I was 8 years old. I've been a part-time freelance photographer (mainly sports) for 10 years and have coached soccer teams for 20 years.

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The places I went when I was a kid and my returns to those places as an adult, sometimes 50 years later -- how they've changed and stayed the same, and how I've changed and stayed the same.
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1491. The story of the Americas just before the arrival of the Europeans. Contrary to what I learned in school in the 50s, these were densely settled areas with advanced civilizations and forms of government. In some ways, the leading civilizations in America were more advanced than European civilizations at the time. What they didn't have was: horses, steel (swords, armor, etc.), and, maybe most important, immunity to smallpox.