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Locus Research
Blurbero desde febrero de 2012
Nombre de la empresa Locus Research
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Ubicación New Zealand
Número de teléfono de la empresa +64 7 5715007
Acerca de mi empresa We are a product development and innovation consultancy.
We help you create world class products and deliver them to market.

Developing new products and services is critical to driving your company’s revenue growth, its competitive advantage and reducing its cost and risk. But often there are impediments such as; the lack of management time, the right personnel and expertise, and the sheer up-front cost of development.

Partnering with Locus Research can reduce the up-front cost of development and the load on internal management time by delivering you a single accountable product research, development and management solution for your business.
Áreas de especialización Product Development
Life Cycle Thinking
Afiliaciones profesionales Design Institute of New Zealand
Sustainable Business Network
Life Cycle Association of New Zealand

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