Mark Forte

New Mexico
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I began writing, because I was attracted to picture books and their unique way of transforming static words into fascinating, colorful worlds. At the time, I was working in architecture, which offered the dream of creating worlds, but on a more restricted scale.

All along I took photographs as a way of studying architecture, often focusing on the evocative and romantic qualities of my subjects. The textured stonework of a castle or the faded dignity of a crumbling ancient wall seemed like well-worn palimpsests daring me to uncover their secret stories. After many years, I realized that the story, not the architecture, was my real interest.

Both my photography and my writing, often inspired by architecture, allow me to create new worlds through light and words. I invite you now to enter the space of my words and photographs, to discover and explore new worlds.

Perhaps, I am creating architecture, after all.

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