Lenello Calvetti 3D Digital Illustration

Cerreto Guidi, Firenze, Italy
Acerca de

I'm a 3D digital artist, my style has always been photorealistic, even when until 1998, I was working by airbrush and mixed traditional tecniques.
Hopefully my long experience in traditional photorealistic illustration, allows me today to well handle all the digital tools, in order to achieve the best quality in my artworks.

I use to work for some of the most important advertising agencies and publishers worldwide.

Some of my recent clients:

• Pepsi Cola
• 7-up
• Miller Beer
• Colgate
• Nike
• Dove
• Procter & Gamble
• Palmolive
• Kraft
• Xerox
• Mercedes Benz
• Chrysler
• Carrier
• Masterfoods
• Hershey's
• USB Bank
• United Technologies
• General Electric
• Mitsubishi Electric
• Slim Fast
• Wall Street Journal
• Maxim
• Der Spiegel
• Die Zeit

Áreas de especialización

Advertising, Packaging, Publishing, Editorial.

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