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After my second bout with cancer, I decided to slow down and try my hand at writing. Having written poetry most of my life, my first three books are comprised of that. One for love & loss, one for children and this one for GOD! I am a Christian and very proud to admit it! My life is a mixture of ups and downs but, GOD never gives up on me. I live in Northern CA and the scenery is incredible. A home grown KY boy, I have brought my accent and flavor to the Bay area. If you love God and you enjoy Holy Ghost bumps, read my book. It's anointed to touch those who struggle or don't know HIM! Enjoy my preview and don't be bashful about buying more than one book. You'll want to share this one with those in your life who are hurting. God bless you a hundred fold for getting this book and sharing "HE" who made the stars. "B"

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